Pirate River Taxi

What a fun ride!

My first, but most definitely not last ride in the Pirate River Taxi was on the last day of the Riverfest. The night when hot air balloons lit up Curtis Hixon Park.


The crowd was huge! There was some sort of ticket system, badly planned, that was used to pay for beers in lines as long as the eye could see, literally.

Can we just go back to cash and swipe please? Thanks. End of rant.

Anyway, I decided to get in a line that would get me out of there, to a more walker friendly area. The Pirate River Taxi was announcing it’s last call towards the Convention Center, and I was on it!

$3 later and a music playlist worthy of a fun, loud, Ready- to- dance fiesta we were zooming by, yet slow enough to capture the breathtaking beauty, sights and skylines of downtown Tampa.


Plus, the guys in the Pirate River Taxi were hot!


I know, not the best picture quality.. but you try Snapchatting on a Pirate River Taxi!

Xo, Betty in Tampa


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