Piquant in Hyde Park is a quaint, comfortable, good eats, good view, good times place to go with friends, dates, family and surprisingly kid-friendly.

I do have to mention the not so good time that I had at Piquant.

Once upon a time, I took a group of 6 school moms for a Mother’s Day brunch to Piquant. It was a beautiful day out, we decided to sit outside, it was spacious and we had the perfect breeze in a Tampa morning. To make it even more exclusive- we were the only group in their outdoor sitting area. Unfortunately, they only have small circle tables that fit up to four patrons. We did the reasonable thing and pushed two tables together to accommodate our group.

This “pushing of tables” would hang above our Mother’s Day brunch forever after.

In the middle of our meals, after having being delivered quite late, the waitress decided to mention for the second time, in my ear, that management would like to remind us that we really could not do what we did, we were violating fire codes by putting tables together. But it would be alright, just this one time. It was such an obnoxious thing for me to hear, for them to even bother relaying the message again, and the timing was the ultimate slap in the face.

It might just be my family, but you do not upset people when they’re eating, nor do you eat when you’re upset. So, having this whispered to me, I took it respectfully and proceeded my brunch. It, however, ate me. It consumed me, the audacity that they had to tell me that in betwixt bites.

(Insert the biggest sigh  you can imagine here.)

To this day, many years later, when that particular group of moms get together again, we certainly bring that faithful brunch up and amongst laughs a tad bit of resentment creeps up. .

Needless to say, I’ve been back plenty of times, with a max of 3 people per occasion and we’ve had a fabulous time, everytime.

I love Piquant. The food is great, the area is great, the morning cocktails are fantastic. It really is a charmingly modern take on an exquisite menu with comfortable for all ambiance.

Xo, Betty in Tampa



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