Tampa Vegan Finds!

The struggle is real. Finding vegan foods besides produce is hard. You have to shop selectively. However, when you find your stores, stick to them and they will make your life easy. My shopping is done between Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Walgreens!

Cupcakes from the bakery section: vanilla, chocolate, and carrot all vegan! amazing! Not pictured- in the bakery section were also donuts! glazed chocolate and vanilla plus we got half a dozen vegan chocolate chip cookies!

Raw, gluten free,  vegan raspberry cheesecake!

Good dog vegan hot dogs!

So delicious is by far- personally- the most innovative brand of vegan foods. So delicious coconut whipped cream and so delicious vegan chocolate cheesecake will be heavenly ❤

Peach jello! Finally! A gelatin free jello… sigh- I really thought I’d never have jello again…

Califia Farms. Now that’s a brand merging culture + vegan lifestyle and winning! Horchata is an amazingly refreshing rice water drink with added cinnamon for more of a traditional flavor. I’m Mexican and they had me at horchata.

I don’t care much for lasagna but I want to be able to tell nonvegans that they can have an alternative that is perfectly delicious and no animals have to die from it. For this reason, I will try it 😆

And once again, we’re wrapping it up with so delicious non dairy, gluten free, almond milk cookies and cream niceeeee cream! It’s greeeeeeeat!

Xo, Betty in Tampa



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