Saturday Nights. Sometimes at home.

I don’t know how I feel about getting personal with you all. Letting you in to my toughts and feelings. My life. What I think. What I do. What I want. Oh what fun it would be though, it would be as if we were having a conversation and the reader is just a very good listener. I appreciate you. I appreciate you reading me. Even if noone reads me, I have written it down, and like Dumbledore with his memories, sharing them or storing them makes them weigh less and unclouds others for more clarity and focus.

Saturday, at different ages or stages of adulhood places everyone at different places, physically and figuratively. The people who end up having these places in common tend to become close friends.

Tonight, I clean, I listen to iheartradio, then I switch it to NPR, eat, drink and cuddle with a both fierce and loving companion. Henry.

Early day tomorrow, so no night out on the town tonight, but Monday I’m off,  so, tomorrow evening will be no holds barred and Game of Thrones at 9pm.

Xo, Boring Betty in Tampa lol


2 thoughts on “Saturday Nights. Sometimes at home.

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  1. Hi Betty. It’s good to write things down – it gets things off our chests. Blogging is good for that, and as you are getting ‘likes’, people are obviously reading your posts. Hope your Sunday night is a good one! 🙂

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