The Vault of Souls

An eerie night set up with entertainment, drinks and a mystery to solve. This night was fantastic!

The time to enjoy ourselves, lounge, chat and mingle with both guests and the entertainment, was perfect!

Then we were given these beauties! The hardest thing in the world is to wear a mask over glasses. Oh, and be forbidden to speak! That made it oh so naughty but nice!

Clowning around with T and this handsome clown!

Once we were safely out of the vault, where our phones absolutely had to be turned off, we had more drinks  and fun with these 50’s styled dancers. That one on the left was a goner by 2am, it was quite amusing.

The evening could not have ended without my very first bathroom selfie! Not too shabby! Thunder thighs!! 🙂

And a story to remember, we asked that gentleman/mummy for permission for a photo-op for a good solid minute.. It was most amusing I’m sure, but we are the type to laugh at ourselves the loudest! 🙂

To good friends and good times! I’m ready for next year Vault of Souls!

Xo, Betty in Tampa


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