Just look at him! Henry is adorable ❤

The first summer of sharing custody is when Henry entered our lives. I had no business at a veterinarian clinic, but I was there, standing in-front of their “community board”. I must’ve looked like a weirdo.

I pulled a number and called. A construction crew had found a litter at their site, had gotten the kittens vaccinated. They had found homes for 3 of the 4 kittens and we set up a time to meet the one left. 

Henry almost brought me to tears and the love I immediately felt could only be compared to the love I felt when I met my newborn. This makes Henry family, he is no pet.

Henry was such a curious baby! He climbed everywhere, now he naps more than climbs😊 I’m looking into installing shelves for him to roam on. 

The pink bra has a back story. Henry won a dog vs cat pink bra for breast cancer contest! Mouthful, I know, but just look at him! He deserved 1st place!

Henry is my main buddy, I respect his boundaries when he doesn’t want to cuddle.  

Henry also has a keen sense for knowing when me or Abby are sick or feeling down. . Henry doesn’t leave our side if we have the sniffles! 

Perhaps my  empty nest brought me to Henry, or maybe I wanted to be the parent who got her kid kitten for love. Although it’s hard for me to think that I would even subconsciously do that. 

Either way, that is how Henry made his way to us, bringing nothing but happiness and full hearts with him.

Xo, Betty in Tampa 


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