About Me

I’m a mom,  a vegan,  a Lady in a city that she loves to live in,  loves to explore it and will now blog about it to all of you. All things Betty does in Tampa.

Born in Mexico, raised in Waukegan, Illinois. I come from a big family, 6 sisters and 2 brothers- never a dull moment. Creativity, spontaneity, grittiness, fierceness, loyalty, mischievousness… all but in a day’s work.

That background along with my very Leo attitude (Aug 16), makes for a perfect recipe of me. I have a knack for having a mouth of full things to say, stories to tell, experiences to share.

I want this blog to be a scrapbook, for all things I do, will do and have done in the Tampa Bay area.

We never know where the curve balls of life takes us or where our good or bad choices lands us, but this is a great time in my life, and having it e-documented sounds very millennial of me. I’m all in.

Xo,  Betty in Tampabeach_0211.JPG


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