Weeki Wachee River

Paddle boarding in Weeki Wachee river was the most tranquil experience ever. After a recommendation from a friend we decided to take private lessons from SUP Weeki. A most patient and experienced instructor waited and taught us and made us paddle board ready within minutes!

6The river water is so clear. It is the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Manatees swim with you in a peaceful coexistence type of way, those animals are such gentle giants, it is existentially humbling.


Did I mention how clear the water was? I just had never seen such a thing. Loved it! And with great company, it was a memorable day.

4Because, I am who I am, I like to include myself in scenic shots, so selfies it is. If you frown upon selfies, exit left or (upper right hand corner x), I am unabashedly selfietastic.

7I always say this but I will return to this awesome place, and the man who you can paddle it out with me, will be a keeper. You can really find out within minutes if you can spend time with people within five minutes on the water… go figure.


Xo, Betty in Tampa


The Getaway


Driving down Gandy and on a whim we checkout the Getaway. What a treat! We get to enjoy the beautiful views of the bay and we find out that we can rent gear from Urban Kai and go out on the water.



I’ve kayaked before- rivers and lakes. I have to say, being out there in big open water scares me a bit! The views are 100% worth it.  Snapchat-806087148200029539


We set out to look for a lagoon in the midst of mangroves… I can’t say we successfully went thru it- but we did come out of there alive.


Black crabs live there and own it- I wouldn’t mind if I were in a bubble without the risk of one of them jumping on me.


Onto land.  The Getaway has a nice water front menu.  Enjoyed some cocktails- some sun tan and sand.  Loved it.  And when I love something I come back with more friends.


Xo, Betty in Tampa

Vegan Food

It hasn’t been two years since I’ve been vegan but I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked, “Well then, what do you eat?!” My go to answer is, “anything you can eat, minus the animals”.

I could use this platform to show some of the vegan dishes I make regularly!

  • rice
  • mixed greens – spinach/romaine salad
  • sweet potatoes
  • golden potatoes
  • purple potatoes
  • avocado
  • asparagus

I steam all my veggies, cook the rice per instructions and cut the greens into small bite size pieces. No one wants to chew on lettuce rabbit style..

We’re grown ups so I don’t have to mention salt (preferably sea salt) and pepper right?

Enjoy with fresh carrot juice and feel amazing knowing that no animals were harmed for this meal.

Xo, Betty in Tampa

Straz Center

I LOVE this place. The Straz has solidified its place in my heart as the place that guarantees me a great time, every time.

This lady loves stand-up. Laughing all night is my idea of a memorable night. The very best people laugh all night.

I saw, laughed and met Mr. Lewis Black there…


I saw, laughed but did not get to meet Mr. Jay Leno.. this was my face after the show…


My daughter, my friend and I saw the Lion King together… It was spectacular!



Lastly, I spent a fabulous time with the craziest trio and most diverse bunch of amazing, hilarious women when we went to go see and laugh along with Joel McHale.


I’ll be back to the Straz as often as I can to see the people who make me laugh all night with people who I enjoy laughing with all night.

Xo, Betty in Tampa


Piquant in Hyde Park is a quaint, comfortable, good eats, good view, good times place to go with friends, dates, family and surprisingly kid-friendly.

I do have to mention the not so good time that I had at Piquant.

Once upon a time, I took a group of 6 school moms for a Mother’s Day brunch to Piquant. It was a beautiful day out, we decided to sit outside, it was spacious and we had the perfect breeze in a Tampa morning. To make it even more exclusive- we were the only group in their outdoor sitting area. Unfortunately, they only have small circle tables that fit up to four patrons. We did the reasonable thing and pushed two tables together to accommodate our group.

This “pushing of tables” would hang above our Mother’s Day brunch forever after.

In the middle of our meals, after having being delivered quite late, the waitress decided to mention for the second time, in my ear, that management would like to remind us that we really could not do what we did, we were violating fire codes by putting tables together. But it would be alright, just this one time. It was such an obnoxious thing for me to hear, for them to even bother relaying the message again, and the timing was the ultimate slap in the face.

It might just be my family, but you do not upset people when they’re eating, nor do you eat when you’re upset. So, having this whispered to me, I took it respectfully and proceeded my brunch. It, however, ate me. It consumed me, the audacity that they had to tell me that in betwixt bites.

(Insert the biggest sigh  you can imagine here.)

To this day, many years later, when that particular group of moms get together again, we certainly bring that faithful brunch up and amongst laughs a tad bit of resentment creeps up. .

Needless to say, I’ve been back plenty of times, with a max of 3 people per occasion and we’ve had a fabulous time, everytime.

I love Piquant. The food is great, the area is great, the morning cocktails are fantastic. It really is a charmingly modern take on an exquisite menu with comfortable for all ambiance.

Xo, Betty in Tampa


Elevage Restaurant

Breakfast with moms.  We’ve made it our own little tradition. Our mom dates. As simple as dropping the kiddos off and going off to explore our beautiful city.  Tampa has an ever growing must- see, must- eat, must- visit places so rest assured, not knowing where to go, what to see, what to do is simply saying you don’t want to explore!

Elevage, sitting cozy downtown, on a street that if you blink, you’ll miss it!…

My egg-less, cheese- less omelette request always draws quizzical expressions but at Elevage they impressed me.  Their omelette pairings were simply delicious.  I not only enjoyed my time with friends, I loved the food! Kudos for having fresh squeezed orange juice!

I will be back.

Xo, Betty in Tampa

Living pool side

First of,  no body-shamers.. no one is a harsher critic of our bodies than ourselves.  So keep calm and read on or move on.

I’m me,  I love me, I accept me,  I work on me, it’s all me,  all my goodness, all my flaws, all my gold, all my bronze and certainly all my spots.


Bikini mom pics need to be a thing! After all, we had to go thru one unforgettable workout.

Hashtag #bikinimombod can’t wait!  All ya’ll are hot!

Here’s another picture of this unabashedly sexyyy mom bod! #BikiniMomBod


Xo, Betty in Tampa

Pirate River Taxi

What a fun ride!

My first, but most definitely not last ride in the Pirate River Taxi was on the last day of the Riverfest. The night when hot air balloons lit up Curtis Hixon Park.


The crowd was huge! There was some sort of ticket system, badly planned, that was used to pay for beers in lines as long as the eye could see, literally.

Can we just go back to cash and swipe please? Thanks. End of rant.

Anyway, I decided to get in a line that would get me out of there, to a more walker friendly area. The Pirate River Taxi was announcing it’s last call towards the Convention Center, and I was on it!

$3 later and a music playlist worthy of a fun, loud, Ready- to- dance fiesta we were zooming by, yet slow enough to capture the breathtaking beauty, sights and skylines of downtown Tampa.


Plus, the guys in the Pirate River Taxi were hot!


I know, not the best picture quality.. but you try Snapchatting on a Pirate River Taxi!

Xo, Betty in Tampa

Buddy Brew

I love me some Buddy Brew! Whether it’s the location on Kennedy or in the amazing Oxford Exchange, even from the Buddy Brew bus! There’s no other better cup of joe then a Buddy Brew cup.

IMG_20160510_123331Here’s the kicker; not only is the quality of the product fantastic.  Buddy Brew itself is a must-visit hangout. . . My nine year old called it a hipster place lol but I see so much more.

It’s a cool,  charming staple that has become a meeting place for all individuals from South Tampa. I see suits, yogis, bikers  (both types), techies,  musicians, writers, I would fall under the mothers’ category lol (I have mommy daughter dates there), I also have ladies’ brunch,  casual dates, work breaks, friends’ meet up. .


I couldn’t imagine not mentioning Buddy Brew to a new comer of Tampa!

My go-to to start a day off, every week 😆

Xo,  Betty in Tampa

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